A Human AI
Design the Thinking.

In literarature, TV and Movies, AI has enchanted us. A Human AI helps you navigate this ?????

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We are a group of AI enthusiasts, founders, and administrators. We love to find simple AI solutions to complex challenges.

User Experience

Each AI has its own unique experience and some are better at integrating what your maybe currently using

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Identity Design

AI Design, what is it buiilt on, how does it feature function compare

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Content Creators

Some AI are great content creators, see our list of the most popular ones

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AI in Culture.

AI in Culture.

From Robbie the Robot to Mother, unique AI cultural identities helped evolve the AI's we are seeing today
AI in our culture has been around for sometime and we like to celebrate this at AHAI


AI which works with you. not for you.
We like AI which puts the human first, assits the human in the task saving time in delivering a range of options not previously considerde alone